Bar Policies

For your special events, we offer complete liquor by the drink, beer, and wine service. If your event is held at the Turf Club, bar service can be available at any time between 10am and 1am. The cost below assumes a maximum event time of 6 hours unless prior arrangements have been made. If your event is catered at your home, business, or other facility, a porta bar may be just what you need.

The cost of the bar usage may be packaged in many convenient ways, the most common:

  • NO HOST – This allows your guests to pay for their own drinks.
  • HOSTED – All drinks are bought by the host and your guests pay nothing. This can be done on a per drink basis, total dollar amount, time limit or number of drinks served.
  • TICKETS – You hand each guest a certain amount of color-coded tickets, when ordering a drink, the waitress or bar will in tum write the amount on the ticket and bill you. We can set price the tickets for specialty drinks, wines, or beer but the total cost usually runs more by trying to average the different drink prices together.
  • BEER WINE BY BOTTLE, CASK OR KEG – The host of the party pays only for each bottle or portion thereof used. The charge for the mixes is included. Domestic beer is $3.00 bottle, imported can be quoted. House wines are $4.75-$6.00 per glass, imported or special wines are priced according to the current market. Andre champagne $9.00 per bottle. A full-size keg of domestic beer is $250. We have a selection of domestic wines that sell for $25.00 per bottle. Imports or special ordered wines are at market price.
  • TIME LIMIT – The host will furnish drinks to the guests for a certain time, as to provide drinks until the band starts or the dinner is served, or the cake is cut.
  • For all porta bars, there will be a $50.00 charge for the set-up, clean up, & liquor permit which enables us to serve alcohol beverages anywhere in the State of Idaho. This permit must be secured in the county in which the event will occur and usually requires 14 days for approval.


Staffing (minimum requirements) appropriately attired professional staff:

Bartender (per hundred guests) = $15.00 per hr.

Cocktail servers (2 per hundred, if requested) = $15.00 per hr. each

All bar services have a minimum of $150.00 in sales ort the difference will be billed.

All Federal, State, and Local Alcohol dispensing laws and regulations. No alcohol will be served to anyone under the age of 21. Our bar service can be complete, or we may furnish only specialty items. Our professional staff can accommodate everyone’s tastes…from a keg of beer to a bottle of the finest wine.