Catering ServiceS

At Turf Club in Twin Falls, we offer catering for any type of event, from an intimate dinner party to a large wedding reception. Located just off of Blue Lakes Boulevard, we are close to the newest hotels and the College of Southern Idaho. Our restaurant has many years of experience and has been serving Magic Valley and all of Idaho since the 1960’s. From local service groups to U.S. presidents, our clients come from all walks of life. We will gladly provide references upon request. Turf Club is one of several Soran Restaurant locations, with an extensive fleet of vehicles and the latest on-site cooking equipment available. We can deliver to virtually any location.

We employ an experienced staff that will ensure your event is planned and executed on time and within budget while providing professional, friendly service that exceeds your expectations. Each party is custom designed to suit your needs and we strive to provide a distinctive touch that will make your event truly memorable. Our unique, creative presentations are what we’re known for.

Whether you’re looking for French food, a romantic dinner for two, an elegant reception for up to 300 guests, or a company picnic at a public venue, Turf Club can accommodate you. If you have any special requests, please let us know and we will incorporate them into your event.

Catering Policies

  1. We request one weeks’ notice bookings on all catered events.  A final count must be submitted 72 hours prior to the event.  This count will be your guaranteed number.  If this is not available, preparation and billing is based on your estimated number.
  2. Services will be billed at 95% of the guaranteed number or actual number, whichever is greater.
  3. To reserve the Turf Club facility, there will be a $500 rental fee for Friday and Saturday and $300 rental fee + for events Sunday thru Thursday refundable if able to re-book
  4. One half of the estimated total is expected to be paid upfront, except for our many repeat guests.  Payment in full is expected after completion of services, unless prior arrangements have been made.  We accept all major credit cards
  5. A detailed invoice will be sent to you following the event
  6. There is no charge for cancellation made at least 2 weeks prior to the event, unless expenses have already been incurred and the date can be rebooked.
  7. There may be a delivery charge on small catering delivered off premise.
  8. Multiple bookings may be eligible for a discount. Catered events held during holidays will reflect the extra cost of labor.
  9. Our policy does not permit you to bring in food or beverages of any kind without the expressed consent of the management.
  10. Normal setup and cleanup is included on all events.  There will be an extra charge for unusual cleanup or damage.
  11. All state, federal an local laws reflecting alcohol will be adhered to.  Drinking age is 21.  No exceptions.


Each and every party is a custom design to suit your needs or desires so please let us know of any suggestions or items you may wish to have added.